What is the method to finding identifying a chromosome location?

R. Wong u9317302 at muss.cis.McMaster.CA
Thu Dec 1 00:06:33 EST 1994

I have a genetics project that I am working on and I am in a little bit 
of a rut.  I am supposed to:

	Outline a procedure to determine the chromosome location of a 
	particular gene.  (eg.  a process by which to discover that 
	chromosome #11 is the location for human B-globin)

Can anyone out there in internet land help me out?

P.S.  What would be even better is if anyone could name an article and in 
what journal where I could find an example of a procedure that has 
actually been done.  (It doesn't have to human chromosomes.)

Thanks a lot.  Rob.

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