Genomic Mismatch Scanning

bill shannon shannon at
Fri Dec 16 15:42:10 EST 1994

I just read a paper on genomic mismatch scanning (Nature Genetics, Vol. 4,
May 1993, p. 11-18) where the authors claimed this method could be used
to identify regions of the chromosome which are identical by descent (ibd).
This could then be used in 'affected relative pairs' for linkage analysis
studies of disease loci (both single mendellian and multilocus complex
diseases). As a statistician I am unable to review this paper techically and
would like to hear from molecular oriented people on its merits. There is some
fascinating work done on the statistical/probailistic aspect of this problem
which I have been reading this week.

Thanks for any input.

Bill Shannon
University of Pittsburgh
Depart of Human Genetics
shannon at

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