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Fri Dec 23 06:49:08 EST 1994

First thanks also to

Dan Weeks     dan at
Dave Curtis   dcurtis at

who answered after my first SUMMARY.

The end of the story was that there were incompatibilities
that were found by unknown when I removed the loop
and by some of those people who answered.

The reason is that typing, readind microsatellites alleles and so on 
is done by another group, I collaborate with them for linkage 
computations. So I checked the pedfile for pedigree consistency
but not for markers typing for which my colleagues assured that
everything was OK.

The morality is : Never trust anybody else than yourself
                 (at least most of the time for yourself).

While thinking (deeply) about this, I noticed that many
papers with linkage data are done the same way
I mean one group at the bench and another one at the computer.
I wonder if this could be one of the reasons of a lot of papers whose results
have never been confirmed or proved later to be wrong.

During this period of linkage between 1994 and 1995
I wish you everything you want and even more.


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