Thu Jul 7 21:50:57 EST 1994

Hello Netters,
I'm just starting a project involving linkage analysis, and I would like 
to understand the maths and general strategies involved with these 
studies. Can anyone recommend some fairly basic books/articles on this?
Thanks for the help.
Yours sincerely,
Kevin Clancy

The Eleanor Roosevelt Institute,
1899 Gaylord St.,
Denver, Colorado 80206

clancy at druid.hsc.colorado.edu

The best texts for beginning linkage are Ott "Analysis of human genetic
linkage" Johns Hopkins press, 1991 and Terwilliger and Ott "Handbook
of genetic linkage"  Same press, 1994.  I may have butchered the titles
a little.  The former text has alot of the theory, the latter how to apply
it in the linkage programs.
     If you are interested in course, Jurg Ott offers linkage analysis
course, with very practical hands-on work, and Margaret Pericak-Vance  (and
I) offer a course on the overall experimental design with detailed discussion
of concepts.

Jonathan Haines

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