SOurce for Linkage programs

Darrell Root rootd at
Wed May 25 16:05:51 EST 1994

The FAQ for the bionet.molbio.gene-linkage newsgroup has a large list
of FTP sites, which includes the Linkage and Fastlink packages.

The FAQ is under construction, and is not yet archived at the normal
FAQ locations.  In the meantime, you can obtain it via anonymous
ftp at: in /pub/users/cat/rootd in /pub/linkagefaq

The next release is scheduled for 28may, and will be posted to this
group and news.answers (so it will be archived in the normal newsgroup
locations)  Dave Kristofferson will also archive a copy at his ftp

If you successfully write your programs, please email a description
and ftp availability information to rootd at so I can include
the info in later FAQ releases.

Darrell Root
rootd at

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