Installation of Linkage on Alpha-Systems

Peter D'Eustachio deustp01 at
Fri Nov 11 08:52:42 EST 1994

In article <baeumle.257.2EC32C56 at>, baeumle at (Etienne Baeumle) writes:
> Hello, 
> I would like to install linkage 5.1 and fastlink on OpenVMS AXP V6.1 and/or on 
> OSF/1. So I downloaded the versions from the required ftp sites (problems 
> with corona, saying that user anonymous is unknown...). 

Same problem here.  So where did you get these programs?

> Please, is there anyone out there having installed the UIP part successfully 
> on OpenVMS AXP or on OSF/1 (DEC Alpha) and could give me a hint? It would be 
> great. 
> The fastlink version runs under OSF/1 without a problem but it would be nice 
> to use the LINKAGE auxiliary programs (lcp, lrp, preplink etc.) too. 

Yes, it would be.  Could replies go to the newsgroup, please?

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