ilink allele freq est

I. Fenton ifenton at
Mon Nov 14 14:38:00 EST 1994

hello boys + girls,

i am using ILINK to estimate some allele frequencies for some
markers, and for one run it stopped after 1 iteration saying
something like "excessive gradient something" and giving up on
any more calculations.  sooooooo, what have i done wrong now ?
as far as i know that PEDIN.DAT is fine, no locus incompatibility
stuff, well UNKNOWN likes it anyway, so what gives ?  i am quite
willing to accept that i probably haven't put another sodding "1"
or "0" or "2" or something in the DATAIN.DAT file.  ho hum.

for the record, this is the pc-version 5.2 of LINKAGE, and i have ILINK
compiled to double-precision, other constants are fairly reasonable
14 alleles per locus, other stuff normal.

any comments/suggestions/flames gratefully accepted.

Iain Fenton, Cardiff, UK.

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