Pentium chips have f.p.u. error -- rounding error on division

I. Fenton ifenton at
Fri Nov 25 08:08:31 EST 1994

as regards the pentium bug, my recent problems on this group have been
with a 486 pc, however i have ordered a pentium pc, and the manufacturer
says that it is intel's problem, and are not willing to replace any
defective cpu.  soooo, my question is :-

does linkage or fastlink use this particular "FDIV" hardware double-
precision divide routine which is - apparently - the source of the
trouble ?  can we tell if linkage/fastlink actually issue these instructions?

i need to know - we already have one pentium pc here dedicated to
doing linkage problems, and i have found it's pentium chip to be
a buggy one.

quote of the year - when i called intel, they said :

	"it's not a bug, it's an issue"

har bleedin' har.

Iain Fenton, Cardiff, UK.

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