Pentium chips have f.p.u. error -- rounding error on division

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Mon Nov 28 11:04:00 EST 1994

In article <3b31b9$4he at>, tromp at (Gerard Tromp) writes
>	Intel made some lame statement that it would affect average users only 9 
>times in a billion. The basis for such probability statement is unclear. _HOWEVER_
>they also indicated that they would be willing to "work with scientists and
>engineers if their applications were likely to be affected". The full implication
>of the statement is unclear -- presumably one can obtain a corrected chip if it
>is evident that one's results are likely...
>	Just thought everyone should be aware of the potential problem. Perhaps
>this is the source of some of the recent inconsistancies on DOS machines.

First, sorry about the annoying format...I am just getting used to this editor. 
Anyway, I am a dedicated IBM user only when I can not get my hands on a DEC
APX-series machine.  Let's face it, Intel has demonstrated once again their
slipshod approach to engineering and pseudo-foxes.  I realize the Alpha
machines cost a lot more, but maybe you get what you pay for...90 mHz with
errors in the important stuff (how do you miss such a significant thing as a
buggy fpu?!), or >200 mHz (with BIG buses!) and real engineering.

Sorry to ramble...I am kinda fond of the guys at DEC...

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