WARNING about Cryillic!

Dean Flanders dean at lenti.med.umn.edu
Wed Oct 12 02:18:54 EST 1994

It looks as if I was able to resolve the problem I was having with 
Cyrillic.  The problem was that I was joining pedigrees in a kind of 
unusual way.  Cyrillic was allowing me to make connections between 
individuals that already existed on the pedigree.  Do not do this, 
the output files will be all wrong. Instead Cyrillic should only be
letting people start from one individual and making relations 
starting at that individual and new relations from each succeeding

In addition when generating the output to mlink if you select the option 
to use your assigned ID numbers, it appears that it assigns the numbers 
wrong sometimes.  However, if you let Cyrillic assign the numbers it does 
it correctly.

The implications of these problems are very serious.  So data should be 
scrutinized when it is exported from Cyrillic.

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