Software to detect Linkage Disequil. ?

David MacHugh dmachugh at
Fri Oct 14 06:19:36 EST 1994


Is anybody of aware of a program that provides statistical analysis of
allelic association (linkage or gametic disequilibrium) between multialleic
genetic markers for population data? A program capable of generating random
reshuffled bilocus genotypic distributions would be particularly desirable.
This would create an synthetic distribution to compare the observed data
with and would allow meaningful statistical assessment of populations with
small sample sizes (approx. 50 individuals).
We have data from a large number of microsatellites typed in 20
populations, hence source code would be useful as we could then port it to
a DEC alpha to cut down the runtime.

I would try a develop a program myself except that I am trying to finish my
PhD thesis and anyway I can't write a single line of code ;-)

Thanks in advance for your help.

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