CA repeat and linkage?

Mon Oct 17 07:01:21 EST 1994

In article <yd128-1510941419210001 at>, yd128 at albnyvms.bitnet (Dr. YL Du) writes:
> We are sequencing a piece of mouse genome DNA and find some CA repeats,
> one is 24 bp (ie. 12 CA repeat), and another is 30 bp.  Can we base on
> these two CA repeats to locate the position of this piece of genome to a
> specific chromosome?  Welcome any suggestion.

	Since there are thousands of copies of CA repeat sequence scattered 
throughout the genome, you should instead determine the sequence of DNA 
flanking the repeat element. Check the DNA databases to make sure it is 
unique (single-copy) sequence. 
	Then use that sequence to design PCR primers. These can be used to 
screen chromosome-specific DNA libraries.
	 Alternatively, the sequence information could be used to design 
a probe for Fluorescent In Situ Hybridization, which will show you the 
chromosomal position of your clone.

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