Linkage mapping software.

Mon Oct 17 16:10:46 EST 1994

	I am looking for appropriate software to assist in constructing a 
primary genetic map in fish. (As in things with fins that swim!). There are 
a number of anchor loci already mapped. We wish to order a number of 
anonymous polymorphic DNA markers (simple sequence repeats), or at least to 
arrange them into linkage groups. A typical pedigree would consist simply
of two parents plus up to 50 offspring typed at multiple loci.
	What would be the best software to use for this task? It should run 
on a PC under DOS.  I am quite familiar with the LINKAGE package, and its 
use in human pedigrees, but this may not be the most appropriate in this case.

	Any suggestions welcomed.

Roger C. Green,	Faculty of Medicine               Phone: (709)737-6884
Memorial University , St. John's, Newfoundland    FAX  : (709)737-7010

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