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Michael Thornton michael at
Wed Oct 19 18:08:54 EST 1994

Hello - 

I am wondering if anybody on the bionet can point me in the right 
direction for this.

I have several cDNA's that I think may be associated with a genetic
disease.  What I would like to know is how can I find a list of candidate
YAC libraries or Contigs in which to look for my clones.

I have information about which chromosome the clones are probably on, 
as well as STS markers that are probably associated with them, and several
known loci that may be associated with them.  I tried searching all of
things against the CEPH/Genethon YAC db and came up with big fat nothing.

1.)  Are there other resources of YAC libraries to look at?
2.) Were there really no results in the CEPH db, or am I going about
it hopelessly wrong?

I am not a genetic mapper, and am suddenly finding myself in over
my head.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.

many thanx in advance
Michael B. Thornton         Incyte Pharmaceuticals / Bioinformatics

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