Reference texts?

Greg Tobin tobin at
Thu Sep 1 13:31:53 EST 1994

I am relatively new to the gene localization biz and am
looking for chromosome maps for mouse and human.  Has anyone
compiled a volume(s) that lists the approximate locations of 
many of the genes that have been published?  Or does everyone
make their own notebook with this info?  A chromosome-by-
chromosome list (expanded version of that found in a recent
NIH Research issue) would be great.  Optimally, the list would
contain references regarding the original publication or the lab
that has the clones.  This would be a more efficient method of gene
localization because you could label two reference probes with different
colors and use a third for the unknown.  They may be far enough apart
to resolve using digital analysis of the florescent image.

Thanks in advance!

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