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ForBio Research is a key part of the  ForBio group of companies based in
Brisbane which now has branches in Europe, Malaysia and China, with
operations planned to commence in the USA within 12 months.  The
Australian operations currently employ over 50 staff, and it is planned
that the international group will expand to 250 personnel within three
years.  ForBio Research Pty Ltd is the largest private Australian plant
biotechnology group, and the largest forest biotechnology research
company worldwide.  It has a staff of over 30 which will expand to about
40.  The company has an overriding commitment to excellence, and operates
in well-equipped laboratories in Brisbane, with linkages to the
University of Queensland.

Applications are sought from outstanding PhD level scientists to
strengthen our gene transformation and marker-aided selection programs.
Talented Research Assistants are also being appointed in each of these
areas as well as to our molecular biology programs.

Quantitative Geneticist or Breeder with a PhD qualification and
experience in use of molecular markers is sought for a senior role in our
mapping team, developing correlations between quantitative trait loci and
map markers using advanced software packages.  This group is one of the
most productive in the world and expects to generate over a million RAPD
reactions per year using automated methods.  Ability to manage a dynamic
team and to interact with other professionals both within and external to
the ForBio group is desirable.  The group is also developing capabilities
in positional cloning and there is potential for appointees to have
direct or indirect participation in this program.

Our transformation team is involved in development of robust
transformation systems for an increasing variety of woody plants.  Both
Agrobacterium and particle bombardment systems are currently used by the
group.  It is expected that the team will be involved in the development
of methods for robot-assisted subculture in association with ForBio
Robotics.   Interest in the longer-term goal of developing targeted gene
insertion methods would be well regarded.  A PhD qualified scientist is
sought who has relevant technical skills and who will also be able to
provide team coordination and communication in areas of responsibility.

An experienced and talented equipment specialist is sought who can
provide hands-on maintenance, service and modification of advanced
biotechnological equipment worth over a million dollars.  A variety of
background experience could suit this role, including electronics or
operational experience with laboratory equipment, but a strong interest
in the operation of computer-controlled biotechnology equipment is
essential.    The appointee will be broadly responsible for the physical
maintenance of equipment (with appropriate outside services), and for
assisting in development of new applications.

A biotechnologist with good writing and communication skills is sought to
assist scientists in  an active research group, particularly the CEO,
with project scoping, reporting and general communication.  It is likely
that the successful applicant will have a PhD and experience in plant
biotechnology or a related field of research, but now wishes to pursue a
-- career in a non-laboratory role.   Other skills, such as in documentation
of intellectual property, will be well regarded.
Graduates, preferably with BSc(Hons) or MSc qualifications, are required
to assist molecular biology research studies involving isolation and
characterisation of genes, preparation of gene constructs, sequencing,
mapping with molecular markers, and related studies.  Laboratory research
experience will be well regarded, but is not essential for individuals
who are eager to learn.
ForBio Research has a philosophy of supporting individual creativity to
address agreed team goals in a cooperative and harmonious environment.
Attractive remuneration packages commensurate with the responsibilities
of the respective positions will be negotiated with successful
candidates.  Applications including a detailed curriculum vitae  and the
names of three referees should be forwarded by 13 August 1995 to ForBio
Research Pty Ltd, 50 Meiers Road, Indooroopilly, Qld, 4068,
Email:S.Hedley at   Further information can be obtained from
Ms Edith Mendelle or Professor Bob Teasdale on +61-7-870 5888, fax:
+61-7-870 5777
or email: S.Hedley at
Albert Ng T.H. (Computer Scientist)
ForBio Research Australia - "Working towards a Greener World"
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