LOD score too high - answers

Mike Morris mike at medsun.unige.ch
Fri Feb 3 10:43:05 EST 1995

  You may remember I posted this query a few days ago (if you don't
remember, you are probably not interested!). 
  Thanks for all your answers - the group is read by a lot more
people than you might suspect!

  To remind you, when testing a disease against two closely-linked
(to each other) markers, using MLINK, I got:
	1 (disease), 2	lod = 4.7
	1, 3		lod = 2.7
	1, 2, 3		lod = 16!

  The consensus was (which makes perfect sense - I was simply ignorant)
that the third value is "Ott's generalized lod score", which is based
on the probability of ALL THREE LOCI BEING LINKED versus ALL 3 BEING
UNLINKED. And I know that 2 of them are linked.

  So there you are! Thanks, folks

	Mike Morris

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