pedigree analysis software

wijsman at wijsman at
Tue Feb 14 12:25:23 EST 1995

The only package I know of which will handle such a large dataset is
PEDPAK, written largely by & distributed by Alan Thomas, who is in
Bath, England.  I don't have any more details on his contact address,
although could find someone who does.  The package is not public domain,
& costs some significant $$, I believe.  Nothing that is being used routinely
in human genetics comes close to handling that large a number of individuals.
PEDPAK uses a marriage-node representation of pedigrees.

Ellen Wijsman

> A graduate student in Jeff Walter's lab here is in need of a source of
> pedigree analysis software for her studies of birds.  She has roughly 6000
> individuals and wants to put them all in a pedigree.  Any suggestions for
> public domain or commercial software that could do this would be
> appreciated.

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