David Curtis dcurtis at
Fri Feb 17 09:03:58 EST 1995

>-  What is intelligence defined as?  Does it have multiple

As a general factor underlying performance on tests, or just the performance 
on the tests.

>-  What methods exist of measuring intelligence?  How accurate are
>they?  Can I obtain copies of these tests or test questions?

There are a number of standardised tests which have reasonable reliability and 
which are published and generally available.

>-  Is Intelligence generally considered to be due to genetics or
>environment?  What evidence is there supporting either?

There is good evidence for a contribution of both. It would be extremely naive 
to think that either completely determines intelligence. One kind of evidence 
comes from comparing identical to non-identical twins - the identical ones 
score more closely than non-identical.

>-  What do you people see as the consequences of the revelation that
>intelligence may differ ON AVERAGE by racial group?

Most experts believe this is unlikely to be true, and certainly that there is 
not sufficient evidence currently to say that it is true.

>-  Have scientists found an 'intelligence gene'?


>-  How does the brain function to form thought?  Is it just a reaction
>to various chemicals being shifted around?  If that is true, can we
>accurately predict every thought of the mind?

The system is far to complex to envisage being able to do anything like that.

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