pedigree analysis software

Fri Feb 17 10:40:22 EST 1995

> > A graduate student in Jeff Walter's lab here is in need of a source of
> > pedigree analysis software for her studies of birds.  She has roughly 6000
> > individuals and wants to put them all in a pedigree.  Any suggestions for
> > public domain or commercial software that could do this would be
> > appreciated.

If you (or anybody else) would like information on a Macintosh 
software package that is able to keep track of the inter-relationships
 between animals in a large pedigree, please send me an
E-mail message (LSILVER at or a FAX 
(1-609-258-1703 or 1-609-258-3345).  The software package that I have
developed (and is now commercially available at a modest cost)
 is specifically designed for the purpose of tracking pedigrees rather
than do linkage analysis (for which there are numerous other packages).

Happy breeding

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