help analyzing Linkage results

Fri Feb 24 14:21:59 EST 1995

Hello All,                                           

    I have been working with STRs on three families and have gotten some
interesting results.  It appears we have found linkage with our gene of
interest and one locus.  I am new at using the Linkage program and would like
some help.  So far I have been able to input the data, and run some programs
(i.e., ILINK, MLINK) but I'm not sure how to interpurt the data.  When I run 
ILINK I get a LOD Score of 2.4 theata = 0.00.  I know this is not sign. but
this is a small sample now.  MLINK gives me the same value.  So, I wanted to
test if the distances between two markers were correct (linked).  I ran ILINK
and got a LOD of 0.6913 at theata of 0.3.  When I ran MLINK, I got a LOD of
6.97 at theata max. 0.28.  So, My question is why is there a 10 fold difference
in the values between ILINK and MLINK.  BTW the distance between the markers is 
29 cM.
   Thanks in advance for any help.

Ronnie D. Jewell  

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