linkage disequilibrium analysis

Peter Rogan progan
Mon Jul 3 09:56:17 EST 1995

We would like to determine linkage disequilibrium coefficients
for genotypes of genetic markers using CEPH family data. The
method we would prefer to use is given in Weir and Cockerham,
Genetics pp 633-42 (1978).  This method also provides a test 
statistic that permits the null hypothesis of linkage equilibrium
to be tested and sample size to be determined.  

Are there computer programs available to calculate Dij from LINKAGE
pedfiles (unrelated grandparents with haplotypes determined from 
their offspring) and the associated Chi-square statistic and N?

We have access to a variety of operating systems and compilers.
Thanks, in advance.
Pete Rogan, Ph.D.
Department of Pediatrics, Div. of Genetics
Penn State College of Medicine
Hershey PA 17033 
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