Linkage disequilibrium questions

Frank Visser fvisser at
Thu Jul 13 08:38:53 EST 1995

David Curtis (dcurtis at wrote:
: Joe Terwilliger recently had something in Am J Hum Genet which
: proposes an explicit mathematical model for linkage disequilibrium. I

J. D. Terwilliger, Am. J. Hum. Genet. 56:777-787, 1995
A Powerful Likelihood Method for the Analysis of Linkage Disequilibrium
between Trait Loci and One or More Polymorphic Marker Loci.

I am reading it, and am slowly reaching enlightment :-)

: suggest you look at that. We have paper coming out in Ann Hum Genet
: shortly which may also be of some interest to you - get in touch if
: you'd like more details.


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