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On 15 Jul 1995, Hassan Mehrabani Yeganeh wrote:

> Could someone explain how recombination rate can exceed 50%. Justify it
> mathematically and biologically.

You can find some information in Ott (1991) Analysis of Human Genetic
Linkage, p. 12.  Mather (1938; Biol. Rev. Cambridge Philosophic Soc.,
13:252-292) showed that recombination rate is between 0% and 50% unless
there is chromatid interference.  But when there is nonrandom assortment,
as in some species of trout, recombination rates may be as high as 80% or
even more (Wright et al., 1983, Vol. 10 Genetics and Evolution edited by
Rattazzi et al., pp. 239-260).

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