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Thu Jun 1 16:53:31 EST 1995

>   Jan.Pirard at ping.be (Jan Pirard) writes:
>  Hi there,
>  I study Medical sience in Maastricht and have serious problems with
>  this semester.
>  I need somebody who can help me with : Transcription and translation,
>  MRNA, TRNA, SKURPS, SNURPS and enhancers.
>  Does anybody know where I can get documents, info, etc.
>  Is there somebody who can answer several questions for me trough
>  E-mail.
>  Please help.
>  Jan.Pirard at ping.be
Use medline and find reviews on these subjects
use Mrna Trna etc as keywords and then limit to only reviews

Also go the the library and look for a general Mol Biology Text book

like Genes V
ot Molecular Biology of the gene
of Molecular Cell biology etc

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