Company making SSLP primers for genome mapping?

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>      I'm trying to find the name and address of a company that makes SSLP
> (microsatellite) primers for genome mapping in Drosophila.  One of my advisors
> recently saw an ad of theirs, but can't find it.  This company makes these
> primers for a variety of systems, e.g. mammalian and Drosophila.  It *may* have
> been located in Alabama.  (Take this with a grain of salt.)
>      Anyone else have any idea what I'm talking about? :-)  Thanks much.
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> Matt Bernhardt
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I believe the company is Research Genetics.  I know they make sslp
markers for Arabidopsis, and probably Drosophila, too.  They recently
had a full page ad on the back cover of Science.  If you still can't
find it, e-mail me and I'll look up the address in our ordering
records.  I hope this helps.
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