homog behaving funny

I. Fenton ifenton at hgmp.mrc.ac.uk
Mon Mar 13 11:05:45 EST 1995

ok, so this isn't *exactly* a linkage question, but compared to some
of the rubbish in this group...

here';s the deal - i use "homog" a lot, but today it started to behave
strangely on a machine which it has behaved well on up until now.

when i run homog (via the ATESTF shell) it complains that i don't
really have a 8087 co-processor in my pc.  since i have a pentium
cpu, it should (and has until now) report that i do have a f.p.u.

so what gives ?  should i be worried about it ?  homog stills appears
to be performing perfectly well - any questions ?


Iain Fenton, Cardiff, UK.

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