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>>I am looking for a program that would allow me to determine what is the e 
>>best fit mode of inheritance (X linked, dominant.recessive...etc) of a 
>>particular trait among pedigree that I have collected. If anyone knows of 
>>such program I would be pleased to hear about it
>There's one called POINTER which Morton and MacLean wrote. It's a bit long in 
>the tooth now, but I don't know of a better one. If you can't find anything 
>better and need help getting hold of it then contact me. I don't have any 
>documentation though.

PAP and S.A.G.E. are both more current; probably also more reliable.
We tried POINTER many years ago & found that it gave different answers
on the identical data set when run on different computers.  Both PAP
and S.A.G.E. are currently maintained; POINTER is not.  PAP is 
distributed by S. Hasstedt in Utah; S.A.G.E. is distributed by R. Elston
in Louisiana (soon to move to Case-Western).

Another alternative, especially for traits which do not have a complex
mode of inheritance is MENDEL/FISHER.  MENDEL and FISHER are distributed
by K. Lange, who is now at U. of Michigan.

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