Junk Genes

Rasmus Nielsen rasmus at mws4.biol.berkeley.edu
Fri Mar 24 18:34:23 EST 1995

In article <3ko2o2$11la at saturn.caps.maine.edu>  
michael at saturn.caps.maine.edu (Leahcim) writes:
> I have been assigned a research project, due sometime this spring, and  
> topic that came to mind is the 5 w's (what where why when how) of Junk  
> Or at least thats what my teacher calls them.  She also said I might  
> information under "nonsense genes" or "no sense genes".> Michael
> michael at saturn.caps.maine.edu

You are not really in the right newsgroup, but anyway....
What you are looking for is probably pseudogenes (non-functional  
components of the genome that are derived from active genes). You should  
be able to find some information about pseudogenes in any basiv textbook  
on molecular biology.


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