Dean Flanders dean at
Thu Mar 30 16:51:52 EST 1995

The BIONET.MOLBIO.GENE-LINKAGE FAQ has now been updated.  In the
process it underwent some rather major changes.  Now that the format
has been ironed out postings of this FAQ will be more regular and new
information will be incorporated more speedily.

Please let me know of any errors or improvements you would like to to
see in the FAQ, or if there is information that I omitted from the
original FAQ that you would like to see back in it.  If there is
information that you want added try to send it in a format that is
compatible with the existing format of the FAQ, so it can be
incorporated quickly. If you are the author of a software package that
is discussed in the FAQ and you do not feel the information is presented
correctly, please correct that section of the FAQ and send it via
email.  All correspondence regarding the FAQ should be sent to
linkage at  Please help make this FAQ the best that it
can be.

Thank you for all of your help!


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