A decent program for Linkage Analysis

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Mon May 8 00:17:17 EST 1995

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>Subject: Re: A decent program for Linkage Analysis
>Date: 1 May 1995 01:29:07 GMT

>gma2 at CORNELL.EDU (Gregory M. Acland) wrote:

>>Actually, a warm and fuzzzy Mac program that generated straight text files
>>for transfer (via wire or even sneaker-net) to a (horrors) DOS machine
>>would be adequate. I mean you can, and people do, enter pedigree data into
>>Excel on a Mac, cut and paste into Word, save as Text, translate into
>>PC-files and stick into a DOS-box. A more seamless way of doing this might
>>be adequate.
>>Gregory M. Acland  

>For those that are interested in creating pedigree text files using the "warm and fuzzy" Mac interface, you might take a look at Lin=
>kage Interface, a hypercard-based standalone application created specifically for that purpose.  You can find it in the infomac arch=
>ive (or I can send it to you via email).

>Brian Nichols
>University of Iowa
>brian-nichols at uiowa.edu

There *is* a "warm and fuzzy" interface to the DOS-based horror of Mlink et 
al. It is called Cyrillic, a Windows-based program. This pedigree 
drawing programme has many valuable features for people doing 
linkage analysis, and as an interface to Mlink is a real pleasure to use. So 
if you are tired of the tedious ways of producing text files for input to 
Mlink, you will have to go far to find something better.

The email address of the company producing it (Cherwell Scientific, Oxford) 
is csp at sable.ox.ac.uk.

Just a happy user.

Pierre Janssens
(formerly of Dept. Human Genetics, UCT Medical School, Cape Town, South 

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