ftp site for linkage software - me !

I. Fenton ifenton at hgmp.mrc.ac.uk
Fri May 19 06:45:37 EST 1995

hello fellow people-who-do-big-sums,

i am going to be soon setting up my server as an f.t.p. site for various
stuff, and i thought that i could allocate some space for linkage
programs of various sorts.  so, i have some questions...

1)  if i try and set-up my site as having virtually all useful linkage
software at one site, how much space do you think would be needed ?
space is "limited" on my server, but how much space does everything take ?
i am thinking about copies of Linkage, MapMaker, CriMap, all the utilities
that people have written to aid Linkage files and so on.

2)  is there any software that should *not* be there - i mean can
i distribute things like MapMaker and CriMap without hassle ?  do the
people who distribute Linkage want another f.t.p. site ?  i don't want
to step on anyone's toes or annoy anyone, i am simply trying to
offer a single site for our needs.

3)  apart from software, should there be anything else on my site
you'd like f.t.p.-able ?  are there such things as standard maps that
should be there ?  or are these things so fluid and changing that i'd
be changing the damned thing every 5 minutes ?

i am also intending to set up a w.w.w. page or two, and would appreciate
any comments on what i should be pointing to, and what i should make.  i
have looked at jurg's w.w.w.-site, although it is not quite complete.

any comments, flames, offers of marriage and/or employment are

Iain Fenton, Cardiff, UK.

ps = i am a computer-person at heart, who has been using the Linkage
package for a few years.  i am currently doing linkage into
schizophrenia and other disorders.  schizophrenia linkage is *fun*     :-)

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