PEDDRAW and databases

Mon May 29 07:10:52 EST 1995

In article <D96ysD.L35 at>, dean at (Dean Flanders) writes:
> Anyone out there have reports they have designed for FoxPro or 4D that 
> exports family information into a format that can be read by PEDDRAW and 
> are willing to give the code for the report?

	I have written a small program for dBASE which uses the data in a 
dBASE table and produces an ASCII file in PEDRAW format. Naturally the 
dBASE table must have the data in the appropriately-named fields.
	I believe that Foxpro uses code similar to dBASE and also the same  
.dbf file structure. 
	Although the program was not intended for distribution, I can make 
it available if there is any interest. The code will need a bit of 
modification for each particular disease that is being tracked, since the 
fill symbols required (all black for affected, quarter black for ingrowing 
toenails etc.) will vary from disease to disease. 

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