linkage versus pleiotropy

Gregory M. Acland gma2 at CORNELL.EDU
Thu Nov 2 08:43:07 EST 1995

>I have searched unsuccessfully for an article that discusses the relative
>importance of linkage and pleiotropy

>what sort of genetic analysis is sufficient ... for a given phenotype
>to be completely attributable to either pleiotropy or to linkage.

I'm sorry but I don't see what the question is.  As  I understand it,
pleiotropy simply means that the causative mutation produces a set of
(apparently) unrelated phenotypic effects. As long as any or all of these
phenotypes can be reasonably reliably scored, an informative pedigree can
be tested for evidence of linkage either between these phenotypes or
between 1 or more of these phenotypes and any other polymorphic locus/loci
segregating in the pedigree.

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