MIM v1.1 available

David Goldgar gold
Mon Oct 23 11:41:19 EST 1995

MIM v1.1
The Multipoint IBD Method

     MIM is a program to implement the Multipoint IBD method 
(Goldgar 1990; Goldgar and Oniki 1992) for partitioning genetic
variance of quantitative traits to specific chromosomal regions
using data on nuclear families. More complex pedigrees may be
decomposed into groups of nuclear families in order to use this
program.  MIM operates in two modes:

     (a) Analysis of a quantitative trait by estimating P, the
     proportion of genetic variance of the trait due to loci in a
     chromosomal region determined by a set of marker loci. The
     null hypothesis of H0:P=0 is tested using a chi-squared
     approximation to the generalized likelihood ratio test.
     (b) Analysis of a discrete trait by computing the average
     proportion shared IBD in the test region among affected pairs
     and comparison of this to both the expected value of 0.5 and
     that computed for discordant or unaffected pairs. For example,
     if the quantitative trait is the usual 1=unaffected,
     2=affected status variable, a threshold value of 1.5 would
     provide the correct dichotomy.

     MIM v1.1 is now available.  This version of the program allows
multiple analyses from the same input file, has an enhanced error
checking routine and a more user-friendly file format.  Minor bugs
from version 1.0 have been corrected. 

     MIM is written in C for a Unix workstation but should be
readily portable to a wide variety of computer systems. Included
with the code is a Makefile that controls the compiling and linking
of the necessary routines.  Copies of the program may be obtained
by contacting Edward Kort at edward at episun2.med.utah.edu. 

David E. Goldgar
Cathryn M. Lewis
University of Utah

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