LCP for Solaris

Alex Schaffer schaffer at
Fri Sep 1 15:23:03 EST 1995

In a previous post to bionet.molbio.gene-linkage, Wentian Li
(wl101 at, inquired about the existence of an
LCP executable for Solaris.  I encountered this problem several weeks
ago, and subsequently several FASTLINK users have complained about
several of the other LINKAGE auxiliary programs for Solaris.

Luckily, there are adventuresome FASTLINK users who worry
about these things before I do. In this particular case,
  Carolyn Bucholtz in Sydney (bucholtz at
   Gyorgy Simon in Milan (simon at

offered suitable Solaris executables for all the
LINKAGE auxiliary programs. Carolyn's offer came
first, so I have been using the binaries Carolyn prepared.
They work fine. Thanks Carolyn!

Alejandro Schaffer
schaffer at

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