Pedigree Request

Jeffrey R. O'Connell jeff at sherlock
Tue Sep 5 19:12:42 EST 1995

I am currently beta testing new software to compute likelihoods for 
linkage analysis. To assist me in debugging, future algorithm 
development, and performance comparisons with existing software 
I would like to increase my collection of pedigrees.  In particular,
I'm looking for pedigrees that exceed the various parameter limits of
those I've already tested (indicated by the max value). 

 1. Large number of individuals (max 150) 
 2. Large number of families (max 100) 
 3. Large number of liability classes (max 20) 
 4. Markers with high numbers of alleles (max 23 ) 
 5. Trait loci with more than quantitative variable (max 1) 
 6. Large numbers of untyped persons.  

If you have pedigree and data files in LINKAGE or GAS format and are 
willing to send them, or if you would be willing to beta test the program
( requires comparing results ), please get in touch with me at
jeff at  

Thank you for your help, 


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