Post-Doctoral Scientist

Wouter Coppieters wouter at
Thu Apr 4 03:32:07 EST 1996

Post-Doctoral Scientist

A 2-year position  is  available  within a QTL mapping project in 
cattle. The research objective of the project is to produce genotypic 
data in a combined granddaughter/daughter design and analyse for 
segregating QTL, influencing milk traits.
Genotyping of the family material has been progressing for two years.
In first instance the duties of the successful applicant will consist 
partially in importing and error-checking genotypic data generated in 
the lab. Later on (end summer 1996) more and more emphasis will be put 
on analysis of the data and development of methods to locate QTL.

Enquiries for more details  and  applications including CV can be send 
by mail or post to:

Wouter Coppieters
University de Liege
Faculty of Veterinary Medicine
Department of Genetics
Sart Tilman B43 
B-4000 Liege
Tel: 32-41-664121
Fax: 32-41-664122
Email:wouter at

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