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As suggested by Nick Tinker (below), my use of "Chrom1" and "Chrom2" 
could be confusing--they are maternal and paternal copies of the same 
chromosome.   Mike

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I can't seem to post to this newsgroup, but you might consider clarifying
this explanation by replacing the words "Chrom1" and "Chrom2"
with "Homolog1" and "Homolog2" - i.e. they are both the same
chromosome, right?

Nick Tinker.

>            Chrom1       Chrom2
>            ======       ======
>Alleles:      A,B          a,b     (coupling, or trans)
>Alleles:      A,b          a,B     (repulsion, or cis)
>Both the coupling phase and the repulsion phase will give the double
>heterozygote genotype, so we can't tell which is correct.  One chromosome
>is inherited from each parent, but we can't tell what the parental
>contributions were, unless we have more information. 
>That's a quick overview.
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