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21st Century Trust
"The Ethical and Economic Implications of Genetic Science"	
Madingley Hall, Cambridge, 5-13 September 1996

Human genetic science is offering an explosion of information about the future 
of an individual's health and the characteristics of those not yet born, information which is largely couched in terms of probabilities rather than definite prediction.  How can the flow of such complex information be regulated, 
and the public be educated to understand its implications, so that decisions 
taken as a consequence may be well-grounded?  And how will the limits to freedom of choice, if any, be determined in already controversial areas such as 
selective abortion and selective implantation of embryos?   

There is widespread concern over what has been labelled a re-emerging eugenics: is that concern realistic or exaggerated?  The commercial possibilities of genetic science are immense.  The implications with regard to insurance and health-care provision, for instance, must be considered.  And with regard to patenting, is human genetic information to be treated as just another brand of intellectual property?  

Genetic science is already revolutionising agriculture as well. Will this bring benefits to small farmers in the developing world through diversified crops and improved yields, or will hi-tech application of the science and restrictive use of patents shift the economic balance yet further towards the North?

The Cambridge conference will deal with the above questions. 
The aim of the Trust is to bring together at residential conferences  people between 25 and 40 who are likely to be opinion leaders, decision takers and active citizens into the next century.  Their discussions of topical issues of global importance are intended to clarify common interests and problems and to point the way to solutions.  The aim is not so much to arrive at agreed conclusions as to initiate new lines of thought and to establish personal and intellectual contacts across national and professional boundaries.  The conferences are led by Senior Fellows of acknowledged authority in the field chosen for study.

A conference lasts for eight days, with a maximum of 25 participants to ensure 
informality and depth of discussion.  Guest speakers as well as Senior Fellows 
make presentations.  Participants are not required to deliver papers but are 
offered the opportunity to give talks.  An informed general interest in the 
subject is as important as professional expertise.  All conferences are in 

The fellowship of those who have attended the conferences is over 500 in number 
and is drawn from 75 countries worldwide.  The Trust seeks in a variety of ways 
to continue the debates begun at conferences, and to help maintain and extend 
the network of contacts.  There is a Trust magazine to which Fellows contribute 
both news and articles, and there is an increasing number of regional weekend 
seminars organised both by the Trust and by Fellows.

The Trust has no political affiliation and welcomes participants from across the 
democratic political spectrum.

Dominic Cadbury, Dr Steven Muller, Ellen Schneider-Lenn, Baroness Dean, Lord David Owen, The Hon Cyrus Vance, Sir Matthew Farrer, Sir Michael Palliser, Viscount Whitelaw, Sen.Charles McC Mathias, George Robertson MP, Sir David Wills.


We ask each Fellow who is paying personally or being sponsored by a non-profit 
organisation to make a contribution of 600 towards the costs of a conference, 
which includes accommodation (with full board) and tuition.

Where a corporation is sponsoring a Fellow we ask for 2500, which is nearer to 
the true costs incurred.

However, no applicant need be deterred by the request for a contribution.  If 
neither sufficient private resources nor sponsorship are available, a Trust 
bursary may be available. 

The Trust is unable to pay travel expenses, but will support applications to 
other organisations for sponsorship as appropriate.

The 21st Century Trust is a Registered Charity, No. 295676




First Names:	

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See attached for detailed descriptions of conference themes.

(Note:  The age range for these and future conferences is 25-40.  We have a 
"holding list" for those not yet 25 and will send programmes at the appropriate 
time.  If you are interested, please give a permanent address.)  

Please tick as appropriate:

1.	"The European Union: model of political evolution or faltering 
experiment?", Klingenthal Castle, near Strasbourg, France, 7-14 June 1996	

2.	"The Ethical and Economic Implications of Genetic Science", Madingley 
Hall, Cambridge, UK, 
	5-13 September 1996	      

3.	"The West and Islam: myths and realities", Cairo, Egypt, Dates to be 

I am unable to attend any of the above conferences this year, but would be 
interested in receiving the 1997 programme	      


a) how you heard of the 21st Century Trust;
b) why you are interested in becoming a Trust Fellow;
c) the reasons for your choice of conference.

Finally, return completed copy with your C.V. giving brief career and 
biographical details to:
The 21st Century Trust, 10 Storey's Gate, Westminster, London SW1P 3AY, 
fax:+44-(0)171-233 0835, 
E-MAIL:trust at (Please note: if sending a c.v. by e-mail, please 
convert it to Dos/Ascii text before transmission)



To: John Lotherington, 21st Century Trust  10 Storey's Gate, London SW1P 3AY, UK
tel:+44 (0)171 222 8616, fax:+44 (0)171 233 0835
e-mail:trust at

I should like to nominate the following person for consideration as a 21st 
Century Trust Fellow.

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Reasons for nomination (e.g Background, abilities, personality)

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