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>I need a computer program to do haplotyping. CAn everyone help me.

Long JC, Williams RC, and Urbanek M, 1995. An E-M algorithm and testing
  strategy for
  multiple-locus haplotypes.   American Journal of Human
  Genetics 56:799--810.

Hawley ME and Kidd KK, 1995. HAPLO: a program using the EM algorithm to
  estimate the
  frequencies of multi-site haplotypes.   Journal of
  Heredity 86:409--411.

Excoffier L and Slatkin M, 1995. Maximum-likelihood estimation of molecular
  haplotype frequencies
   in a diploid population, Molecular Biology and
  Evolution 12:921--927.

But be aware that you must be certain that the sample complies with HWE.
See a hopefully upcoming letter in Journal of Heredity (Stivers &
Chakraborty), which I would be glad to send to interested parties
(electronically in LaTeX format or printed).


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