PAP and two locus models

Nicola Chapman nicky at
Tue Aug 13 23:37:13 EST 1996

Hi all!

We are trying to use PAP, version 4.0, to do a two locus linkage 
analysis. By two locus, I mean there are two underlying loci causing the
disease, and we want to look at one marker at a time and estimate lods
scores and recombination fractions. This is in opposition to a 
multi-POINT linkage analysis, when you are hypothesizing one disease
locus, but have multiple markers to use.

Anyway, we've been having trouble getting it to go - we can't even get
the model files to work. If anyone has done this and would be willing to
part with advice and/or an example file, it would be enormously appreciated.

I am nicky at, but it would be best if email replies could
be directed to 

katrina at

Thanks lots!!


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