Make Your Own Vacuum Pump for Gel Blotting!

Mike Miller mbmiller at SIRRONALD.WUSTL.EDU
Thu Aug 22 07:44:54 EST 1996

On 22 Aug 1996, Robert Passey wrote:

> In my part of the world (Australia) a vacuum pump for gel blotting 
> (generating a vacuum of around 40cm H2O) costs about $1500.00 
> (US$1200.00) so I decided to make one for myself.
> It cost around $70.00, is very easy to make and has its own vacuum 
> gauge. The easiest way to describe it is by diagram, so if you want a 
> copy just email me at R.Passey at and I'll send you one ASAP.

That is very impressive.  Maybe you, or someone you know, or someone
reading this, can scan the diagram into a .gif or .jpg file and put it
somewhere on the web.  That way it would be readily accessible to a large
audience.  Your current method of distribution is going to be expensive! 



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