SIBPAL and sibpair analysis

Kevin Jacobs jacobs at
Sun Feb 4 10:02:29 EST 1996

Dean Flanders (dean at wrote:
: We are trying to do sibpair analysis with a quanitative trait and we would 
: eventually like to include information in regards to environmental factors.
: We are having a terrible time getting SIBPAL to work properly
: [...]

Dean and others using Sibpal,

  It was announced in the last S.A.G.E. Advice newsletter that Sibpal
contains several bugs, one of which was that analysis with covariates 
does not work.  This, and all other known bugs have been corrected, 
as well as several enhancements have been made to the program.  We expect
to release the fixed version of Sibpal this week to all licensed S.A.G.E.
2.2 users.  Also included is a patch for Lodlink that will fix all known
bugs in it.

: Also, if there is anyone out there that runs SIBPAL that would not mind 
: giving us a gentle nudge in the right direction it would be greatly 
: appreciated!

All licensed S.A.G.E. users are always welcome to send e-mail to 
sage at for help.  


-Kevin Jacobs

Technical Coordinator
S.A.G.E. Project

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