Mutational model and fastlink3.0

Frank Visser fvisser at
Mon Feb 12 07:09:28 EST 1996


I have a question about the new version of Fastlink. I already discussed 
this with the author, but I would like the opinion of people who know 
more about this than me.

The basic problem is that the new version of FASTLINK doesn't handle the 
mutational model correct. Unknown now gives a warning message if the 
second line of the datafile starts with anything else than a zero.

According to the author, must people use the mutational model when they 
shouldn't, because the default settings on preplink, etc turn it on. So 
now I am advising people not to use the mutational model, if they don't 
need it explicitly. Is this advise correct? What influence has the 
mutational model on the lod score? It certainly seems that the mutation 
rates are defined very low, i.e. values like 0.00001

Thanks for any advice

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