meaning of linkage disequilibrium

Dave Curtis dcurtis at
Fri Feb 16 01:33:21 EST 1996

bernie at (Bernie Charlton) wrote:

>How do I relate linkage disequilibrium delta values to theta/rf - 
>say marker A has a delta of .95 to my disease locus, while marker B
>has a delta of .78. How can I use this to fine tune a map, and what
>sort of pitfalls should I be wary of? Yes, this is related to homework,
>but all the books on linkage that I've found in the library seem
>to be overly concerned with software packages I don't have.

This  hasn't really been properly sorted out yet - too much depends on
the history of mutations which have happened through evolution.
However I think a good starting place for this woud be joe
Terwilliger's recent paper in AJHG - I would think about 6 months ago


Dave Curtis

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