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Bernie Charlton (bernie at wrote:
: Could someone point me in the right direction in terms of references
: for the following problem? (or if you're feeling _really_ generous,
: tell me the answer yourself)

: How do I relate linkage disequilibrium delta values to theta/rf - 
: say marker A has a delta of .95 to my disease locus, while marker B
: has a delta of .78. How can I use this to fine tune a map, and what
: sort of pitfalls should I be wary of? Yes, this is related to homework,
: but all the books on linkage that I've found in the library seem
: to be overly concerned with software packages I don't have.

: thanks,
: bernie
I can only give you some references:

The book which handles linkage analysis the most detailed is
Analysis of Human Genetic Linkage
J. Ott, 1991,
2nd ed. Baltimore, John Hopkins University Press 

required reading for everybody who wants to understand what all these 
programs really do. Warning: it is quite heavy mathematically, so you 
need to have a firm grasp of Statistics etc. Also, the Handbook of Human 
Genetic Analysis (Ott&Terwilliger) contains for each subject a 
short discussion of the theoretical background. Just skip the parts 
discussing the programs.

And doing a search through the American Journal of Human Genetics on the 
subject of linkage disequilibrium will surely get you some good 

Hope this helps 

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