GenoCheck update

Meg Ehm meg_ehm at
Thu Feb 22 08:11:51 EST 1996

GenoCheck, version 1.0 Update

I have made two changes to the /pub/GenoCheck directory available on
the ftp server  The file permissions for the file suberr
were modified so that the file is executable when downloaded.  The Makefile was
also modified so that the default compiler flag is -O instead of -g.
 Recompiling the GenoCheck source code with the optimize flag (-O) rather the
debugging flag (-g) will make the code run faster.  Thanks to Alejandro 
Schaeffer for pointing out these errors.

You can fix both of these problems without retrieving suberr or Makefile from
the ftp server.  If you receive the following message when attempting to run

% suberr
suberr: Permission denied.

type the command below to change the file permissions.

% chmod +x suberr

To alter the Makefile change the following line:

CFLAGS  = -g



Then recompile the code by typing:

% make ilinkerr

I have also moved and my new address, e-mail, and phone number are listed
below.  If you have any questions please let me know.

Meg Gelder Ehm

Glaxo Wellcome Inc.                       Phone:  (919) 483-3384
5 Moore Drive                             FAX:  (919) 483-0315
Research Triangle Park, NC  27709         E-mail:  meg_ehm at

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