Meaning of SLINK/MSINM results

Stephen L. Mathias smathias at
Wed Feb 28 15:16:33 EST 1996


I have a question regarding the significance of SLINK/MSIM results. I have done
some simulations on a dog pedigree containing 40 individuals. I am trying to
map a disease trait in this family using microsatellite markers so, as an
example, I simulated the trait linked to a marker locus at a theta of 0.1. The
result of this exercise was an average Lod score of 1.02 at a theta of 0.1. Now
my question. If I find an actual marker which gives a Lod score of around one
(which I have), does this mean that this marker might actually be linked to the
trait? Or, does the fact that the average Lod score from the simulation is only
one mean that the pedigree simply is not big enough to obtain evidence for

I appreciate any insight (preferably by e-mail) anyone may be able to provide
on this.


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