UNIX systems

faraco at cmgm.stanford.edu faraco at cmgm.stanford.edu
Tue Jul 2 16:55:20 EST 1996

> Hello,
> Some colleagues are looking into the purchase of a UNIX machine.
> I would appreciate hearing any opinions on the merits or
> disadvantages of a DEC UNIX versus a SUN system, specifically with
> regards to running programs for genetic analysis (e.g. portability of
> software, ease of getting programs up and running, speed etc).
> Thank you for your input.
> Anita
> *********************************************************************
> Anita DeStefano, Ph.D.
> Boston University Medical Center
> Dept. of Neurology L320            TEL: 617 638-4057
> 80 E Concord St.                   FAX: 617 638-4275
> Boston, MA 02118-2394              email: destefano at med-genepi.bu.edu
> *********************************************************************Here's a commercial plug, but I just think this company is neat, I'm
not affiliated. A good place to get computer equipment is a web-based
company called "onsale.com". It is an internet auction. they buy
surplus and reconditioned computers and high tech stuff. After you
decide between Dec and Sun, you might go to that website and see if you
can get a really good deal there. 

I'm not affiliated with it, but my husband just got a great laser 
printer for half the retail price, so it came to mind. After all, you
work hard for that grant money....

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